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Our visit to the New York City, at the American Museum of Natural History

Clint, Clarissa, and Paul at an As vs. Dodgers game

Christmas in Alameda, 2001

Cllint's grandmother, Dot, in Connecticut

Stopping outside Flagstaff on the way across the country

From near the set of the sequels to "The Matrix," 'our' move

At the Petrified Forest in the cold

One of our favorite places, the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco

Clarissa's mom at Thanksgiving in Alameda, 2001

The plastic novelty ring

The engagement ring, which was hard to photograph

The stone is a color-change sapphire, blue in some lights and violet in others

The band is platinum with small diamonds and the bezel is gold. We designed it ourselves!
More soon, including the wedding rings More soon More soon

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