Celebration Plans

Wedding ceremony

We aren't sure on the details yet, but we may elope to the San Francisco or Oakland City Hall. Luckily, both sets of parents also had low-key weddings, and are okay with that. (Thank you! We love you!) Clarissa plans to wear a dress, maybe something blue, and Clint plans to wear a tuxedo. We'll either write our own vows or edit some traditional ones, and we'll exchange rings.

Wedding celebrations

We hope to visit our families sometime after the ceremony to celebrate with them. Luckily, our parents have managed to conveniently gather themselves into south and central Arkansas just in time for this. There's a rumor that the El Dorado party will be at Abe's Ole Feedhouse, and that the Little Rock party may involve a red velvet cake.

Then we'd like to have a party in the San Francisco Bay Area with our friends. Maybe go to a bunch of museums, have some dim sum, watch some Miyazaki--again, details are fuzzy, but we'd love to do this at the beginning of spring or winter break. With Clarissa's sweet tooth, there will have to be a cake, but it won't be a nasty white thing. It won't be like any wedding reception/celebration you've ever been to!

Honorary wedding party

Disclaimer: These are the honorary members of our wedding party, which is not to be taken to constitute a promise to actually dress them up in matching dreses and tuxedos. "Best" and "of Honor" are defined to mean "as good as everyone else." "Minion" does not imply any servititude, but is used because neither of us can say "bridesmaid" or "groomsman" with a straight face.

Bridesminion: Carolyn, Clarissa's friend
Bridesmaid: Chelle, Clarissa's niece
Bridesminion of Honor: Paul, Clarissa's friend

Groomsminion: Scott, Clint's brother
Groomsminion of Honor: Jason, Clint's friend

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