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The Bay Area is a haven for geek dream jobs at famous geeky companies, from companies involved with films like The Matrix, Shrek, Star Wars, Monsters Inc., etc., to one of the biggest publishers of anime and manga, to the home of comics like "Squee," to legendary retailers like Dark Carnival. You might as well work somewhere interesting, right?

Please e-mail wintersweet @ this domain name with updates, job pages for those "unknown" entries, and companies that aren't listed. Thanks to KH at Kosmonaut, Jeremy at Futurismic, and others for several updates.

Updated 15 January 2011
Added Image Comics (duh!)

Please e-mail wintersweet [at] sharedwing [d0t] net with corrections, plus companies and employment pages I may be missing. Thanks to everyone who suggested companies.

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Notes: Some companies don't put employment info on their websites, because they use recruiters or some other method (from to tacking a sign in the window), or for other inscrutable corporate reasons. Others do post the information, but hide it under anything from "Contacts" to "FAQs" to "About Us." In many cases, your best bet is to use Google's advanced search feature to search for "jobs" "career" and/or "employment", limiting the search to that website. Many of these companies offer jobs in a wide range of specialties, from IT at Good Vibrations to toy marketing at Lucasfilm to librarianship at Pixar. So it's worth poking around even if you aren't a software engineer or whatever.

You may also be interested in OpportunityNOCS, a NorCal-heavy listing of jobs at non-profits, or, which also lists jobs at non-profits.

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